3 days of no food and I survived! Well, 3 days of no solid food, anyway. 

I've spent the last couple of months in limbo - AKA this bizarre in-between-traveling-stage in my life where I have resided in my hometown, Sacramento. Most of this time has been spent preparing for the next adventure - South Korea (which is why the only thing I have to blog about is this) - but has unfortunately consisted of ZERO exercising and terrible eating habits (not having a real home = lack of grocery shopping = a lot of eating out, which ALWAYS = unhealthiness). I tried to remember the last time I have worked out and I'm pretty sure it dates back all the way to November, maybe early December if I'm lucky. And after a couple runs on the beach after living in San Diego for a few weeks, the only exercise I have indulged in consist of walking around Disneyland for a day and chasing my nephews around the park. Not okay.

So the family and I had decided to do Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox Cleanse last week. It seemed easy - 4 smoothies a day for 3 days at only around $20 a day. And I LOVE smoothies. I would happily drink Jamba Juice every day. 
*NOTE: The grocery list above doesn't take into account the extra "snack" drink. So buy extra, according to what you want to repeat. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have extra of any of this in your fridge!

Day 1 was probably the hardest. All of the smoothies are pretty good (the breakfast smoothie is my faves), but after drinking 3, all I could think about was solid food and wanted anything BUT a smoothie. We debated just eating the ingredients, since it seemed the same regardless (& we just wanted to CHEW something), but we googled it and saw that the reason you blend everything is to give your digestive system a break. Everyone was craving meat but I've been eating a vegetarian diet for the entire month of January so I've gotten used to no meat. We all woke up on Day 2 with a headache, which went away after drinking breakfast and a LOT of water. We went on a bike ride this day and felt a bit light headed after but it felt nice to finally get some exercise. Day 3 was the easiest and my main motivation was knowing I could finally eat the next day. The detox baths are an absolute MUST. So incredibly relaxing and put me right to sleep. 

So 3 days later, I am now cleansed and detoxed! I was literally dreaming about pizza while I had to abstain from solid foods, but I'm feeling okay now and actually want to eat healthy so as not to make the last 3 days a waste. This cleanse was the perfect way to push me into eating healthier and getting back in shape! There's so many different healthy snacks to make with all the leftover food that actually sound really yummy too. Celery/apples & almond butter (almond butter is a healthier & yummier version of peanut butter), avocado & toast (or just avocado and anything. or avocado by itself), almond butter & banana sandwiches, pineapple & cottage cheese, the list goes on.

Next goal: get back into shape!

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