I've officially & FINALLY gotten over the homesickness. I tried reeeal hard to hide it before, anyway. I probably cried for the first 48 hours straight and then off and on for a week after that. Along with missing everybody back home, I absolutely HATED my living situation. But that's why I wrote "if you don't like something the way it is, change it, or change the way you look at it".

Long story short, I hated my house - it's old. It's dirty (& being in a different country has really brought out my germaphobia-ness). It's dark. & it smells. I unfortunately had already paid $1800ish which really converts to over $2000 US (first month & a half of rent + bond). So I had to find someone to fill my spot. I also had to find somewhere else to live. Finding somewhere else to live seemed to be the hard part but luckily, a spot opened up at the International House, which is kind of dorm like, in the sense that it's all students and closer quarters, although it's in more apartment style buildings. But they're newer and nicer and I was down.

So it turns out, the hard part was finding someone to fill my room. After posting my room on Gumtree (their version of Craigslist..a not as good version of Craigslist...I miss Craig) half a dozen times, I was ready to give up and the IH said they would only hold my room until the end of this week. And so I figured I was stuck here. Until this guy, Steve, wanted to come check it out after I posted the last ad I said I would post for this room. My landlord happened to come right when he was checking it out (my landlord loooves to come here unannounced. & she also loves to use her own key to get in and invade our privacy) and they ended up getting along great and that was that - he signed a contract & now I'm FREEE :)

So now the challenge is finding a new place. Yes, the IH is ideal and I have friends there, but Nate gets here tomorrow and I feel like I can only sneak my boyfriend in (AKA have him live there) for so long. It might be different if I got to know my roommates and they were all fine with him staying a while, but I can't really just show up with two of us. So today I am off to look at places closer to the city in the Richmond/Burnley/Hawthorn areas. I'm hoping they work out & I figured if I'm going to be paying so much (IH is NOT cheap), I may as well be in an area that is closer to the city & to potential jobs we [hopefully] will get. YAYY for change & things working out :)

My family told me I should just suck it up and maybe the place will grow on me. But I've just been miserable here. Miserable as in I don't walk around the house without shoes. Miserable as in everything in the kitchen is sticky because all the cabinets and drawers are so old. Miserable as in I barricade myself in my room and I have a slight (okay HUGE) fear that Huntsmen spiders are about to attack me. So why stick with miserable if you can make some changes yourself? Okay yes, the place got a little less miserable after a while, but still bad nonetheless. If I'm going to be spending maybe a year in this country, I'm gonna do it RIGHT and make the changes I see fit.

& PS - if you are a future student that will be studying abroad in Australia & going to Deakin, do NOT use Burwood Student Living unless you want landlords that act like your parents (she legitimately has come to my house unannounced about 6 times now, has gone through our stuff and told us to clean up after ourselves, calls us at 7/8 in the morning etc). I guess I got the shittiest house and there are nicer ones that they rent out, but I wouldn't want to live here because of the landlords, PERIOD. Just a heads up:)
Well, not so much a jet plane, but leaving on a plane, yes. I am currently 2 hours and 28 minutes from landing. I had waaay too much anxiety to try to write while I was waiting at the airport or even in the beginning of the flight. So now that I have watched 2 ½ movies and slept for a good 8 hours, I’m pretty well rested.

I must admit, Virgin Australia is pretty awesome. I definitely got extremely lucky as well. I have an aisle seat and there’s nobody next to me so I thankfully have a good amount of room to stretch out a bit. We all get little screens in front of us and they have a ton of movie selections. And not even Netflix kind of movie selections (which are always SO awful), but good movies. The seats are relatively comfortable and the food was almost decent. I wasn’t hungry anyway because Nate and I ate Mexican food at the airport (everybody keeps telling me Australia has no Mexican food. I don’t even like Mexican food all that much but knowing I won’t be able to have it semi depresses me).

Anyway, this 16 hour flight hasn’t been all that bad. I was really sad leaving and had a few moments of weaknesses but kept strong for the most part. In reality, it shouldn’t be sad saying goodbye to my family or Nate, but it is. I usually don’t see my family for 5-6 months at a time anyway, and Nate will be coming here in 3 weeks. It was pretty rough saying goodbye to my friends because this is about the time where everybody starts moving away (I suppose myself included) and so I really don’t know who I’ll see ever again. Obviously I’ll stay friends with my closest friends, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see each other even remotely often. So needless to say, I had a good amount of anxiety the last few hours before my departure.

So now that they let me on the plane (I had a small fear that I may have messed up somehow and wouldn’t be allowed on), the next step is finding my driver and getting to my house. I figured out housing through “Burwood Student Living” (BSL) and it was pretty painless. I was trying to figure out housing with this other company for weeks now and they were extremely difficult. I had my spot reserved and everything and they were just impossible to communicate with. Like, okay I’m ready to pay, how do I do it? And their reply every time was just “oh great, just send the money on over before you come”. No details, no help, nothing. So I was really grateful that BSL contacted me and I got it all figured out about 2 days ago.

SOOO, I’m definitely more excited than I am nervous now. About 15 hours ago I was 80% nervous & 20% excited. I’m probably at about 70% excited now.