I can't remember the last time my weekend was actually the weekend. I've always worked serving jobs where the busiest work days were Friday & Saturday night. So apart from the occasional Friday-Johnny-V's-$2-drink-nights that I would partake in (I miss you, San Diego!), the "weekends" weren't really anything to look forward to.
So now here I am, working a 9-5 (well technically an 830 - 430, but that just doesn't roll right off the tongue unfortunately) and I have this blessed gift called the weekend where I can do whatever I want and not worry about getting called in to work because somebody took 6-too-many shots at JV's and is too hungover to come into work Saturday morning (granted, this was usually me). So of course every weekend, the boyfriend and I make heaps of plans to go hiking, explore different parts of the city, work out, go out to a nice dinner, go to the movies, etc. And maybe get 1/7 things accomplished. Hey - laying in bed all day watching Homeland is often exactly what you need after a long week of teaching Crasians (that's crazy-Asians, if you didn't know.)
There's a reason why KFC grew test-tube chickens that didn't grow feet.
Fortunately, this past weekend was somewhat productive. The boy & I went to New Downtown and hung out with some friends after unsuccessfully trying to catch a movie at the cinema. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to try and find movie times in this country (we did end up finding this site). We also tried chicken feet for the first time, which will definitely be the last time as well (we order by looking at the pictures on menus & pointing. It looked like regular chicken). After forcing myself to take a bite, it wrapped perfectly around my tongue as if a bird were perched on it. I tried to chew a few times but it was pretty much all cartilage and I ended up spitting it out. Oops. I did try another one in hopes that I just got really unlucky with the first attempt (the second attempt wasn't much better, but I was able to chew. Kind of). It didn't even taste bad but the whole concept of an entire chicken foot around my tongue just didn't fly (no pun intended). Sorry Korea.

On Saturday, after streaming the Kings vs. Lakers game (which almost made me cry), we explored a bit of Old Downtown & shopped a bit (I was on the hunt for a fabric store but everything I found was super outdated & expensive. Korea is not the most fashionable when it comes to interior design, I've realized). We stumbled upon a cinema and ended up seeing "Warm Bodies", which I would highly recommend. & then successfully made use of Nate's PS3 and got a "work out" by playing Everybody Dance, Table Tennis, Bocce Ball, Archery & Tekken. I mean, we'd go out for a jog if the air wasn't completely polluted and didn't almost kill me a couple weeks ago (there's this thing called Yellow Dust. Google it.)

For Easter Sunday, Nathaniel and I volunteered at the Ulsan Orphanage. He got to play soccer with a bunch of middle school & high school kids and I played with the littler ones inside. Asian kids are the cutest thing in the world. There's an organization called T-Hope Korea that has a bunch of different volunteer opportunities at orphanages or for autistic children, etc. I always miss my family extra during the holidays but couldn't be more grateful to have them after hanging around the orphanage for a couple hours.
We didn't get to go hiking like we planned, but there's a LOT more weekends to look forward to. & hopefully much better weather as well :)

Some Good Finds:

I have a slight obsession with avocados. We found avos at Costco - 5 for around 11,000 won, which is about $11. Not too bad, but I miss living in Cali where you can get 2 for a dolla.

I got to make my favorite brekkie this weekend with my green obsession:
*1 slice of wheat toast
*1/4 of an avocado - sliced and spread across toast
*1 teaspoon of olive oil - dripped over avo to taste
*1 teaspoon of balsamic vinaigrette - dripped over avo to taste
*1 egg over medium - (or however you like your eggs)
*Fresh ground pepper & a pinch of salt

x2 (I usually have two because they're so delicious)

+ a cup of green tea &/or orange juice


the perfect breakfast

Costco was also a good place to find: 
cheese, bagels, cream cheese, towels (yes, full-sized! FYI - most Koreans use tiny, tiny towels the size of hand towels. No, I have no idea how this works or why they never thought to upgrade. But anyway, most stores only sell the aforementioned towels so finding large ones was an amazing find), & your usual bulk foods. Cheese is another hot commodity in Korea so Costco is pretty much our savior. Not to mention, the pizza is still excellent, which is a reason in itself to make the trip here.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Recently read Gone Girl & would highly recommend it! This is actually the reason I didn't leave the house 2 weekends ago & got zero accomplished (this & Final Fantasy, in my boyfriend's case). But in all honesty, I literally couldn't put it down. It's one of those books that made me want to read more books. Currently working on a book list that I'll post soon :)

For my fellow lazy-watch-a-TV-series-all-day-couch-dwellers:
This is an excellent app to have on your iPhone if you stream/watch movies/shows from your laptop (which is connected to your TV). This app syncs to your laptop so you can use your phone as a mouse. AKA you don't have to get up to pause/rewind/turn up the volume/switch to the next episode. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with Korea, teaching English or even being a productive human being at all, but it's awesome, so that's all that matters.

Until next weekend :)