As I leave San Diego, I can't help but reminisce about the last 5 years I've spent here. I remember being your typical scared, little Freshman, trying so hard to fit in but just wishing I was back home. Then finally getting the hang of it after meeting my still-now-best-friends, joining Gamma Phi and just getting over the homesickness. (Mainly due to things not working out with the boy back home. Which, of course, always seems to work out for the best.) But whatever gives you that extra push, right?

I spent the rest of the 4 years - yes I'm a proud five-year student - making plenty of mistakes, moving far too many times, having WAY too many different jobs, and trying to figure out my life. Which, I definitely still haven't done yet, but hey - I'm only 22 years YOUNG (23 in a few weeks..which is scary because 23 rounds up to 25, 25 rounds up to 30...scary).

My friends always make fun of me because I've literally had about 12 different jobs all throughout college. From that horrible on-campus call center I started with, to way too many restaurant jobs, with a few random jobs here and there - I've got all kinds of experience :). I always figure, why would I settle for this job I hate if I can just quit and get a new one that I'll hopefully like better? I may sound lazy or irresponsible or unreliable, but honestly, how important was my role as the hostess as the bar downtown? Or even a bartender at another bar downtown? These jobs are NOT going to lead me to my career and to them, I'm replaceable and expendable anyway - as are most of their employees with those types of positions. Let's be real, even if I was the star server at one of the many restaurants/hotels I've worked at, it's not like they won't ever be able to function without me. And I definitely can function without any of these jobs as well. If I go to work miserable, then yes, I'll do something about it (i.e. quit) because we all have choices in life and I don't intend on staying somewhere just because I feel stuck. 

This obviously goes for life as well. I don't want to stay in my comfort zone and perhaps get a mediocre "big kid job" once I graduate. I know that there is so much out there in the world and I don't intend on letting the opportunity to go explore it, pass me by. Like I said before, when else will I be able to pick up, drop everything and travel? This is the perfect opportunity. I love San Diego and I will miss it dearly, but it's time to move on and hey, maybe one day I'll come back :)