• Review Nicknames - everyone needs to have a name tag or they don't get any stamps (rewards). When students volunteer/earn a stamp, write their English nickname on the board & give out stamps at the end of class (2 min)
  • Feelings & Emotions PPT:
  •   -Review different feelings/emotions. Show picture & ask them to guess what it is. (3 min)
  •   -Play Game - split class into teams & answer various questions about feelings/emotions. Track points on board. Winning team gets 2 stamps. (10 min)
  • Hand out Feelings & Emotions Worksheet (15 min)
  •   -Go over a couple questions as a class, then have them work in partners.
  •   -Pick volunteers to answer questions (stamps). Make sure everyone corrects their own.
  •   -5 volunteers to write their sentence on the board
  •   -Collect worksheets (correct after class and give back next week)
  • Group Work: groups of 4, think of as many emotions/feelings as they can, one person write them all down. When time is up, have 1 student from each group write all of them on the board. The group with the most wins (stamps) (10 min)
  •   -If there isn't enough time to have them write on the board, have one person from each group stand up. Have them sit if they have less than 10, then less than 15, then less than 20 and so on until only one student is standing. Check their list.

The Good & The Bad:

(+) Much easier to call on students with their name tags
(+) Students really enjoyed the game - good to have questions with different point values because they get really excited when the answer comes up and they have more than just 1 point.
(+) Go around to students when they're doing group work. They will ask you for help and as long as you don't completely give them the answer, they end up using a lot more English and finding more words
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