• Go over basic conversation from last week (practice as a class)
  • "Name That Famous Person" PowerPoint Game (in english_nicknames.pptx file below) - Split class into teams, show them different celebrities, first team to raise their hand and name them gets a point (bonus point if they can attempt to write the name on the board - spelling doesn't matter). Give stamps (reward) to winning team
  • Print name tags (prior to class) and give one to each student. Give them a list of names to choose from (also in the english_nicknames file below) - or they can choose their own. Show them how to fold their name tags so they stand up on their desks and ask them to write in black marker
  • Have them write two facts on the back of their name tag
  • "Guess Who?" Game: Collect all name tags and then disperse randomly. Have students find the owner of the name tag by asking about the facts on the back. "Is your favorite hobby ______?" --> "Is your favorite food _______?" --> "Is your name _______?". First 10 students to find the owner gets a stamp.

The Good & The Bad:

(+) Kids loved the celebrity game
(-) Need to find out what celebrities they know. A lot of them don't know who Justin Timberlake is (sadly) and Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.
(+) Students get very creative when they're allowed to pick their own nickname
(-) Next time I would've gotten the "meaning" behind the English names I showed them - a lot of them wanted to know what their names meant. (Maybe another class)
(-) They enjoyed Guess Who? but it got very chaotic. Some of them were very confused as to if they had to find their own name tag or find the owner of theirs so be very clear.
(+) Good idea to ask the first 10 students (winners) of Guess Who? what their English name is and who's name tag they had. (Helps to learn all their names)
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