• Introduce myself via Prezi (5-7 min)
  • Allow students to ask questions (5-10 min)
  • Basic Conversation Prezi (10 min)
  • Practice the Conversation in Prezi as a class and then in partners. Ask for volunteers to say the conversation for the class (give stamps/rewards for volunteers) (5 min)
  • Discuss favorite food, hobby & where you want to travel (from Prezi). Either write all of the students answers on the board (if they are active) or have them write down sentences on paper (if they are quieter) - then ask for volunteers to read theirs allowed (stamps). (10-20 min)
  • If there's time (usually with quieter classes), ask students to go around the class and find 2 people that have something in common with them. The first 10 students to find 2 students they have something in common with, gets another stamp. (5 min)

The Good & The Bad:

(+) Students ask a LOT of questions about you - a lot of them being very personal (today I got "Do you think you'll marry your boyfriend?" - awkward). But they're super interested in you, which is good
(-) Sometimes it was extremely difficult to get volunteers. Make sure they know there's some kind of reward in it. (Or have your co-teacher just pick students)
(+) Encourage students to give answers (favorite food/hobby/travel) because it encourages everyone to speak up. Writing on the board is extremely effective - students always want to see what they say on the board.
(-) A lot of students won't work in partners. They just won't speak. Sometimes there's not really a way around this so I would have them write if they're too shy or if they can't really speak yet. Pretty much all of them can write.
(+) Talking about everyone's favorites and where they want to travel is a great way to get to know students

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